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Durable Dakota Custom Design Metal Work. Industrial & Residential

Adding durable custom metal work to your commercial, residential, or industrial property can extend its life and increase its value. With Dakota Custom, you can find the perfect balance between aesthetics and utility.

When you hear the name Dakota Systems Manufacturing, you know you're getting high-quality craftsmanship, and unrivaled custom metal fabrication. You also get to choose the design and material, from stainless, aluminum, brass, and copper.

All Dakota Custom materials are 100% reusable, moveable, and sustainable!

Specializing in Stainless Steel Kitchens

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can give your property a sleek, modern look that will stand the test of time. Choose your own design and get durable sheet metal or any other construction materials for a fraction of the cost. Plus you get a 1-year warranty!

Countertops & Hoods

Dakota Custom creates designer kitchens that will bring together the look you love with all the functionality you need. Stainless steel countertops, hood systems, sinks, and more come together to be your dream kitchen!

Cable Rails & Railings

With cable rails and railings from Dakota Systems Manufacturing, you can create your own decorative looks without having to constantly clean like you would with glass. High visibility and low maintenance make these stainless steel products very user-friendly.

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Dakota Systems Has a Stainless Reputation but we work in most metals. Stainless Steel, Steel, Brass, Bronze, Zinc and Aluminum. We can guide you to the best possible material for your particular application.

Our Expertise is in design and build. At Dakota Metal We are always thinking outside the box. Your concepts will become reality. We can work from actual drawings, pictures, renderings and just general design information.

The finished look is the most important aspect of what we build. The key being how we arrive at that finished look. How pieces are constructed and laid out can enhance the function increase the manufacturability and lower the cost.

Dakota Metal can Marry several materials together to give you the finished product you desire. Glass Wood and Plastics can all be incorporated in the design.

Precision Cutting, Architectural welding, powder coating, exotic finishes like blackening, acid etching all add to the custom option we can build for you.

Dakota Metal treats all custom pieces like one off artwork. Your unique Concept is a one of a kind creation.

We produce Counter tops, Back Splashes, trims, hoods, railings, enclosures anything you can dream of we can build.

We also have a more standardized Custom line of Cable Rails, Glass Rails and unique railing options. We design the space to fit you exacting needs. Special gates, decorative layouts and patterns can add to the uniqueness of the project

Why Settle for off the shelf? Dakota Metal can Build the things you really want in your space.

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Offering a 1-year warranty on the custom layouts of your store. 

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